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Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement services have proven results in reducing costs, improving business performance and accelerating business growth.

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Leadership Development

We have a team of qualified executive coaches who support business owners and leaders to focus on improving themselves and their businesses.

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Management Training

Our management training support helps businesses to build a culture of Succession and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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By focusing on people technology and process improvement, we’re able to improve performance, employee retention and accelerate growth.

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Rencai is a Manchester-based management consultancy passionate about working with SME founders, leadership teams and investment firms to deliver sustained company growth. We’re experts in developing and delivering commercial and people strategies that perfectly align with the goals and ambitions of your unique business.

We’re all about people. Our goal is to help your company’s leaders and teams discover how they can have a greater impact in their role. By improving your people strategy execution, collaboration and ways of working, together we can elevate individual and team performance across your business.

Our team of qualified performance coaches, leadership development consultants and chartered HR professionals look forward to working with you.

About us

We understand your challenges

Working closely with SME founders and entrepreneurs across a range of industries, we understand the challenges consistently faced and have developed our services to solve these critical business problems:

Start-Up Founders

Common Scenarios

  • Evolving plan for idea / product roadmap
  • Pressure of being on own – learning and doing everything
  • Limited / Lack of cash flow
  • Growth Planning – who and when to hire
  • How to develop product in line with vision when resource / funds limited
  • What is our sales strategy?
  • Who is our partner and support network
Key Considerations:

  • What is our route to investment?
  • How do we make our value proposition attractive to investors?
  • Who are key partners and support?

Scale-Up Founders

Common Scenarios

  • Strong financial position with fast growth/M&A ambitions OR Taken significant investment (£1 – 4m)
  • Investors move from support to demanding
  • Pressure to scale up (people / tech / process / funding)
  • Clear road to monetise – sales pressure
  • Clear requirement to develop products
  • Likely need to switch / change customers
  • Requirement for clearly defined long term growth strategy
  • Need for effective SLT / MMT
Key Considerations:

  • What is our culture / vision / brand?
  • What is our people strategy?
  • What is our employee growth and succession strategy?
  • What is our commercial strategy?

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