Core Impact Areas and Products

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Strategy Design & Execution

Structured models that support improved strategy design, engagement and execution for start-up and scale-up teams.

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Leadership Impact Development

Our team of qualified executive coaches partner with leaders to redefine the impact they want to make personally and for their business.

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Organisational Design

Analysis and design of your future optimised Target Operating Model. Using data & KPI measures to evaluate real impact.

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Operational Excellence

Enhancing your focus on efficiency, quality,  sustainability and innovation across all aspects of business operations to consistently improve customer (CX) and employee experience (EX).

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Rencai is a Manchester based Organisational Design consultancy partnering with ambitious start-up founders, leadership teams and our investment partners to realise their scale-up ambitions. 

Our focus is to deliver sustainable business growth for each businesses we partner with.  We take a people-centric approach to our advisory services and the change and innovation plans we develop with leaders. 

Our products focus on business value creation, reducing business risk during growth and supporting founders to transition from the accountability of day-to-day operational success of their business.

About us

We understand your challenges

Working closely with start-up founders and entrepreneurs across a range of industries, we understand the consistent barriers to sustained growth, and have developed our products to solve these critical business challenges for scale-up success. 

Start-Up Founders

Common Scenarios

  • Evolving plan for idea / product roadmap
  • Pressure of being on own – learning and doing everything
  • Small team, big ambitions! 
  • Limited / Lack of cash flow
  • Growth Planning – who and when to hire
  • How to develop product in line with vision when resource / funds limited
  • What is our sales strategy?
  • Who is our partner and support network
Key Considerations:

  • What is our route to investment? 
  • How do we make our value proposition attractive to investors? 
  • How do we build a growth plan that inspires current and future employees? 
  • Who are key partners and support? 

Scale-Up Founders

Common Scenarios

  • Strong financial position with fast growth/M&A ambitions OR Taken significant investment (£1 – 4m) 
  • Need for definition and communication of Strategic Intent, internally & externally 
  • Portfolio Investor & Reporting Model 
  • Pressure to scale up (people / tech / process / funding) 
  • Clear road to monetise – sales pressure 
  • Clear requirement to develop products 
  • CX a heighted strategic objective 
  • Need to build effective SLT / MMT 
  • Need to create operational metrics and performance reports 
  • Evolving EX and need to attract new talent 
  • Leadership performance is a key metric for business growth  
Key Considerations:

  • What is our Vision, Brand & Culture? 
  • Do we have strategic clarity for our employees and investors? 
  • How do we build a high-performance culture 
  • What is our people strategy? 
  • What is our commercial strategy? 
  • What is our future ESG model? 

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