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Leadership and Management runs through our blood at Réncái. We’ve decades worth of experience supporting business to build strong senior leadership teams, develop high performing managers and identify + develop the leaders of the future.

Matt has also proven to be really valuable in the work he has done around supporting our leadership and management teams. Both have really proven their value to small businesses such as Vaioni and I am hopeful that we can continue working together beyond the initial 12 month Engagement programme.

Anna Mosley HR Manager, Vaioni

We provided Rencai with as much information as possible which enabled them to design a bespoke leadership development workshop specifically for our business.

The workshop was a breath of fresh air, no powerpoints and no presentation to the group. It was all about facilitation of activities and conversations designed around our objectives which made it a much more natural, comfortable training environment.

Katy RawlinsonPeople Development Manager, ANS Group

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Senior Leaders



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Understanding Your Leaders & Managers

Assessing Your Leadership Team

The GC Index® is the tool that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

  • It measures how people like to make an impact and contribution at work
  • Helping individuals and teams understand how to perform most effectively in work
  • It differs from other assessments as it’s independent of personality

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Senior Leader Development

Executive Coaching

  • All coaching sessions are delivered by a qualified leadership coach from the Réncái team
  • Face to face, phone calls and video calls are our three preferred ways of delivering coaching
  • We try to keep the structure of coaching very light, our aim is to help individuals to resolve their pressing and hardest challenges
  • Those that purchase multiple sessions in advance can benefit from discounts however, we also offer pay per session
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Leadership Development Programmes

  • Interactive and highly engaging sessions that try to avoid going down the route of “training”
  • Often a series of workshops delivered over 3,6 or 12 twelve months, with 1-1 coaching interventions between workshops
  • Every programme is bespoke crafted to meet the needs of your organisation
  • Topics include: defining your company DNA,  OKR strategy optimisation, leadership impact assessment, performance and evaluation, strategy and more.
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Leadership Alignment

  • Helps to create a consistent experience for your team
  • Aims to define a clear leadership culture within your business “this is how we do things around here”
  • Improves the relationship between Senior Leadership and Management teams, where friction often occurs
  • Ensures that all Senior Leaders are clear on the behaviours expected in their role
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Management Development

Management Development Programme

  • Topics include: delivering feedback, managing performance, setting SMART goals, managing conflict, building a high performing team and more
  • All of our programmes are bespoke to suit the needs of your organisation
  • Programmes typically last 3-6-12 months dependant on management capability and other factors
  • Delivered via a workshop format, along with 1-1 coaching interventions

Future Leaders Programme






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