Rencai was founded in 2013 by leadership development expert Matt Wilden. Through many years working on large business change and transformation projects, Matt identified people and their working relationships as being the driving force behind successful project delivery, not just technology or process. Reflecting that very few organisations took a strategic approach to building project teams. And with a clear vision that understanding the unique strengths and performance potential of team members was key, Rencai was born.

After many years supporting FTSE businesses across the globe, Rencai now dedicates its services to supporting founders and leaders of fast-growth SMEs, and to those looking to plan and deliver ambitious Mergers & Acquisition strategies.

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Person / Human Being


Talented / Ability

Our story and DNA began with our desire to work with the best, motivated people as we travelled around the world.

The common understanding of rencai in China is a person who is able to succeed in life due their own strength and will. People would often wear rén on their t-shirts to stress a desire to improve their condition, performing the best they can.

We take this ethos into every project that we support, ensuring that each client receives the most effective service.

Rén-cái was born.

Matt Wilden

A little more about Matt Wilden, Managing Director of Rencai

As a Chartered (CMI) Executive Coach & Leadership Development consultant, Matt’s passion is all about boosting leadership impact and coaching teams to build engaging business strategies centered around their biggest assets – people.

Matt works closely with his team of fellow qualified coaches, leadership development experts and Chartered HR professionals to deliver a tailored strategic approach to each business they work with. The team adapts its approach to add value for every business, from start-up founders with fewer than 10 employees to those looking to grow aggressively, where multiple management levels are required to work effectively together.

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