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In this FREE guide we share with you the top 5 areas that employees feel companies could improve on to improve their employee experience and employee engagement.

  • Learn about the top 5 areas employees feel businesses could improve
  • Hear about what you can do to improve these areas today in your business
  • All areas can be improved by your internal team without large investment costs
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    Our Vision is to provide 10,000 employees with a voice, engaging 10,000 team members and developing 5,000 high performing managers

    Our Solutions

    Each of our employee engagement solutions aim to improve performance and reduce costs, utilising our internal consultancy services, as well as technology, Engagement Multiplier. If you’d like to learn more about how we could support your journey to creating an engaged team, then register your interest below.

    One Time Report

    30 days access to our engagement survey platform

    Pre go live support including on-boarding and communication

    Recommendations report and results review facilitated by the Réncái team

    Business improvement plan

    People strategy review session (optional)

    12 Month Business Improvement Programme

    12 months access to our engagement survey platform, including four quarterly benchmarking surveys and unlimited pulse surveys

    People strategy review session & recommendations report

    Quarterly analysis, recommendations reports and business improvement planning sessions for ALL surveys

    People and business metrics creation  (optional)

    12 Month Business Improvement Programme (Advanced)

    In addition to the 12 month programme services you also receive:

    Quarterly management training sessions for up to 10 managers covering topics such as delivering feedback, managing change and communication.

    Assessment of the current leadership team through our tool, The GC Index.

    Creation and management of employee engagement committee

    Our Employee Engagement Tool

    Benchmarking surveys

    Benchmarking surveys take place every 90 days and allow businesses to measure a number of quantitative metrics including the engagement of senior leaders, managers and individuals.

    In-Depth Reporting

    Compare engagement metrics and data by department, location, or any other way you want to segment.

    Pulse Surveys

    Our pulse survey functionality allows businesses to gather feedback from their teams in a clear and concise way. During the 12 month programme our clients can run as many pulse surveys as they wish.

    Anonymous Communication

    Employee responses aren’t associated with individuals, so feedback is always eye-opening and inspiring.

    Employee Dashboards

    Personal reports for each employee let them compare their scores to company averages and track progress.

    Owner Dashboard

    Your command centre to see feedback and engagement scores, actionable insights, and to share reports.


    Clients have the flexibility to share different levels of information with stakeholders, with our “basic, admin and master” governance levels.

    Quarterly Check-Ins

    Scheduled every 90 days, survey cycles measure progress with enough time to take action in between.

    Return on Investment

    • Our clients have average employee attrition costs of £125,000 prior to us working with them
    • Almost all have sub-cultures embedded across their business
    • Absenteeism is often an identified challenge 
    • Many have a weak employee value proposition and employer brand
    • Some have never asked their teams for feedback, leading to a closed culture
    • We have experience of saving clients over £90,000 in one single year 
    • Our objective is to increase employee retention and reduce absenteeism
    • The priority is to create a high performing culture
    • All employees are given a voice
    • Clients regularly feedback about the commercial impact engagement has had on their business

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