Our People Strategy Support Areas

Organisational Design

Career Pathways, Succession Planning, Role Evaluation and Workforce Planning are just some of the key areas included within our Organisational Design support.

Employee Experience

Performance, Employee On-Boarding, Training, Reward, Recognition and HR Technology all contribute to our Employee Experience support.


We’ve learnt that clear and effective Communication is the most important area for businesses to focus on, should senior leaders look to create a high performing culture.

Employer Brand & Employee Value Proportion (EVP)

Our combined Employer Brand and EVP solution helps businesses to provide a consistent experience throughout the employee life cycle.

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching, Senior Leader Coaching, Management Training, Profiling Tools and SLT & MMT relationship building contribute to our Leadership Development solutions.

Employee Engagement

Our 12 month Business Improvement Programmes have proven results relating to Employee Engagement. We’ve also had success with our One Time Report.

Getting Started

For many businesses, this is the first time that they will have implemented a People Strategy. With that in mind we have created an introduction to People Strategy guide – you can download a copy for FREE below!

  • Introduction to what a People Strategy is, why it is important and potential benefits for Small-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Overview of the business challenges that a non existent or poor performing People Strategy can cause
  • Insight into typical barriers to designing and developing a People Strategy in SMB’s

Free People Strategy Tips

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Organisational Design

Organisational Design is important for fast growth businesses, as it heavily focuses on ensuring that the right people, are in the right roles, at the right time.

Here’s some questions to qualify if your Organisational Design is fit for purpose:

  • Does every employee in your business have clarity around their job roles and responsibilities?
  • Have you provided every member of your team  a clear understanding of how they can progress, grow and develop through your business?
  • Are you clear on what job roles you need to recruit in the next 6-12-18 months?
  • Have you identified any potential weaknesses within your organisational design where succession may be a challenge?
  • Do you have a succession plan?
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Employee Experience



Employee Wellbeing



Our Communication Support


Our data suggests that Communication is the single most important process that businesses need to execute well, in order to drive high performance. Here’s how we’ve been helping our clients to better communicate:

Review of historic communication plans, to understand what has gone well, what could have been better and what needs to change

Discussion to agree new goals and priorities for the Communication strategy

Design and agreement on new Communication strategy

Recommendations report

(Optional) ongoing support to implement the new plan

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Employer Brand & Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee Value Proposition

Our Employee Value Proposition support aims to help you to better engage your internal team. The purpose of an EVP is to set expectations for employees and businesses, around what the business offers, in return for employees times and skills.

The morning session will included review of existing EVP (Pay,Benefits,Reward,Recognition,Culture,Office Environment etc). The team then help to redesign the existing EVP and create a simple to follow action plan. Finally, all stakeholders will receive a recommendations report.

Employer Brand

In the digital age it is very easy to find information about a company. The role of an Employer Brand is to ensure the information found paints a positive picture of your business.

A review of Réncái’s market research on your company starts the afternoon session. What can candidates, clients, competitors and partners find about you online? What can they learn about your employee experience (EX)? Following on from Analysis, the team will help you to design your Employer Brand, set a clear action plan and share a recommendations report.