What does 2020 hold for Réncái Group?


Happy New Year  from everyone at Réncái Group! Today’s blog aims to talk about what the next 12 months could hold for Réncái along with recapping on what proved to be a very interesting and challenging 2019.

Last year we celebrated our 6th birthday and our first year in the new operating model. For those not aware, historically we supported global change and transformation projects however, changed direction at the start of 2018 and decided to prioritise working with small-medium sized businesses. The main areas of support that we have offered have been surrounding how to engage teams and develop leaders.

The service that has received most interest has been our employee engagement programme. It works on a 12 month cycle, with 4 quarterly surveys, the opportunity to run pulse surveys, support reviewing results, setting actions and we also produce a findings report. We were delighted to gain a 100% customer retention rate on the programme in 2019!

Below are some examples of projects that we supported in 2019:

  • People strategy design & development
  • Employer brand design and implementation
  • Employee value proposition development and relaunch
  • Reward strategy
  • Recognition strategy
  • Values and behaviours framework design, implementation and launch
  • Purpose definition
  • Career path design and implementation
  • Communication strategy design
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Performance management process review

We’re also getting some really interesting exposure to different industries and size of client. Our smallest client is 6 employees and largest 700 across the Higher Education, Real Estate, Recruitment, Legal, Telco industries and more!


What does 2020 hold?

First and foremost we are back in our Manchester offices! We have 3 locations across the city centre in Piccadilly, Ancoats and the Northern Quarter – if you’re ever about in Manchester, please do feel free to pop in. Although we typically deliver work in our clients offices, we are hopeful to use the space to run events and host more clients.

We wish to continue developing FREE content that our network has found particularly useful. The  Réncái employee engagement tip sheet now has over 100 downloads alone. Last year we developed our “brilliant basics” strategy that aims to help businesses to get the foundations in place before looking at more advanced elements of their strategy.

Continuously developing our products and services is another key priority. We now have software that covers: Core HR systems, employee engagement, employee wellbeing, performance management and also a range of psychometric tools.


Biggest priority?

The biggest priority that our Managing Director, Matt, wishes to focus on is our leadership development and coaching services. Over the last couple of years we have supported numerous clients including a 300 employee IT company, 45 employee legal business and 35 employee technology business to develop their leaders. This has ranged from a 1-1 coaching approach, through to having 40 managers learning about how to provide feedback, communicate more effectively and manage performance within their teams.

Matt is a qualified business coach and with support from other members of our leadership and coaching team, he hopes to drive this division of Réncái in 2020.



2020 has already got off to a busy start having recently launched Rugby League World Cup 20201 onto our engagement programme, amongst other new clients. We hope to continue building on the foundations that we have built over the last couple of years.

We’re always open to connecting with new people so if you’d be open to being introduced then please do reach out.


Harry Wright

Employee Engagement Consultant

Réncái Group