We want you to benefit from using the Culture Mapping and Employee Engagement platforms, that we use, with your clients.


Over the last 5yrs at Rencai we’ve had the very good fortune to be introduced to, meet and work with a large network of consultants and businesses working in a similar space to ourselves. Similar to Rencai, you are regularly speaking to new business leaders, to understand their business and their people along with their goals and challenges.

Like us, your approach is to focus on their ‘People Plan’ and understand what opportunities exist to take an ‘Employee Led’ approach to improve the performance of the business. Like us, I’m sure you use a range of ‘tools’ to best support the unique needs of each client and their business challenges.


ACCELERATED Understanding For Each Client  – Using DIGITAL TOOLS


Using innovative cloud/digital tools has been a game changer for us. 




During the last 18 months, through the utilisation of digital tools, we’ve really fast-tracked our approach to providing valuable insight to each client. Using our suite of tools at the start of each new client partnership to accelerate our understanding of the business, informed by employees, to assist the co-creation of the very best People Plans to take the business to the next level. These tools are easy and quick to deploy into any business, with only 10  minutes time investment required.


The main areas we use the Digital Tools for are:

  • Culture Definition and Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Internal Communication & Employee Feedback


We spend time with new Business Owners and People Leaders every week. 80% of the people we speak to acknowledge they can see how launching an effective and ongoing Employee Engagement programme would add tangible value. The other 20% are already doing it and seeing the benefits.

Simply though we do not have enough hours in the day to speak to all the business leaders who could benefit from this, quick enough to answer their questions, and offer them the support required to launch their own programmes.


For this reason, we’re keen to speak to you in our trusted network and see if using these tools could be something you could use to leverage value for both your clients and yourself.


Become a Rencai Partner And Use these Tools to enhance the support you offer to each of your trusted clients


If you’ve not already seen these tools in action and would like a run through to see how they add value,  please make contact to arrange a FREE demonstration.


We have two straightforward models to consider:

Model 1  – You directly using the digital tools to enhance your current support model with current and future clients

  • We’ll complete a full introduction of the tools for, helping you to understand their merits and answer any questions
  • You manage the engagement and potential introduction of suitable tools, to all your contacts
  • You manage the review and feedback of all insight delivered by the use of tools
  • You provide the consulting support required by each client to gain optimum benefit from the tolls, running Culture Development and Employee Engagement Programmes
  • Commercially – you benefit from BOTH the commission fee of Software Licence Subscription Sales and the Consulting Support Days purchased by each client


Model 2 – Rencai can partner with you to support your selected clients & network contacts if using tools

  • You can offer each client a free employee engagement report (managed by Rencai) that will provide real value for both you and the business
  • Rencai will manage the co-creation and delivery of each client programme
  • You and your clients can benefit from using the tools, without impacting your personal time or diluting your focused area of expertise/solution offering
  • Using these tools with your clients will provide ongoing employee feedback & insight that can allow you to deliver more valuable consulting and coaching support when needed
  • The benchmark report, every 90 days cycle, provides a great reason to check in with your clients regularly to review how their doing – often leading to more consulting work
  • Commercially – you earn commission fees for the Software Licence Subscription purchases your contacts make



We are already working with trusted contacts who are reaping the benefits of either of these models.

Every new prospective partner has lots of questions, which is great. We’re very happy to walk you through this in more detail if you reach out to any of the team in the office over a call, remote session or coffee.


We look forward to hearing from you and catching up!


Matt & The Rencai Team