At Réncái Group we speak to driven, intelligent people every day, across the globe, that have been successful in their profession.

Working for market leading companies (big or small) they are driven to excel in their current role and exceed the expectations of their employer. Their career profile typically has many reference points for success and structured career progression.

This is why we want to speak to them and why our customers value the opportunity to engage with them.

It can be reasoned however that MANY of these people lack evidence of Ambition!

Upon first contact with ourselves many people cannot advise us:

  • A clear view on their next desired career development/challenge
  • Where they add most value to their employer
  • What would be the structured path they need to follow to achieve this
  • What competencies are their priority to develop or ‘Up skill’
  • If their current employer can accommodate and most importantly support this
  • Who are the leading employers out there that can offer progression along their desired path

This is not to say that any of these people are not serious about their career, the profile they align to – outlined at the top of this article – confirms this.

We typically find it’s simply a case of individuals being too busy, being successful, to take the appropriate time on a periodic basis to take a step back and reflect on this for themselves.

You cannot rely on your employer to show initiative in this area: through annual reviews, PDP’s and the heads up on the next aspirational move internally…

Frequently, being successful in your role means your manager is often likely to want to keep you there…

The responsibility lies with you to be ambitious for your personal career growth.

Taking proactive control in this area ensures your professional development will be optimised, either internally with your current employer, or moving onto that next exciting opportunity you are not yet aware of…

If this post has had any resonance with you then please take some time to reevaluate your current position and what this progression should look like for you.

We’d love to learn what that is, and would be happy to advise and support you to achieve this.

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