Tips for Informal Blog Writing


It is widely accepted by my friends that one of my weaknesses is spelling and grammar. However, since working for Rencai I have really enjoyed putting blog’s together every other week, as it promotes our brand, creates intrigue and on the odd occasion can add value to others! I am by no means a writer and would never claim to be however, many people shy away from blog writing and it’s a huge opportunity missed in my opinion.


I’d encourage you to ask yourself the following couple of questions and see if blog writing could add value to your (personal) brand:

  1. How regularly do you create blog content and push it out via social media?
  2. Do you regularly read other people’s blog content on social media (even mine?!)
  3. Would you agree that creating and promoting your blog content is an easy way to reach out to new prospects, build and develop your network, along with creating intrigue?

The purpose of this short blog is to give you a couple of tips that will send you on your way to creating a new piece of content. It is something so simple, that many of us can do and best of all, you cannot do it wrong. So what is stopping you? It is also FREE!


Tip 1: Informal and personable

  • Writing Style
    • Everyone has there own writing style however, for me, I like to write in an informal way as it suits my personality
    • I enjoy to include rhetorical questions, the odd “dad joke” and also put across my sense of humour so that the content feels genuine
  • Personable
    • Again, for me to I like to ask as many personal questions that will get the reader thinking
    • Your title and introduction need to attract the right audience. This will mean that what you’re writing about and the way you write, will resonate well with the reader
  • Informal
    • I constantly talk about friends and colleagues and what they think of me (a perfect example at the start of this blog!)
    • Being informal allows the reader to buy into you, people buy into people!


Tip 2: Don’t sell; create intrigue

  • Don’t sell
    • There’s no doubt that most of the actions that we carry out within the work place need to lead to a return on investment. However, it is very unlikely that someone will see your blog and buy off you, so why sell?!
    • My personal approach is to talk about a number of challenges and pain points which a client may be feeling and then give an insight to what other clients are doing – this will create intrigue and then usually lead to a call to action (CTA)

Tip 3: Consistency

  • Every other week
    • Don’t just create one bit of blog content and then be upset if you do not receive likes/comments. Build a portfolio over a period of time and you’ll get better as you go along
    • Creating content every other week allows you to share tips, lessons learnt and updates with your network, keeping you on the radar of others
  • Sharing and marketing
    • Again, I am by no means a digital marketing expert and the way in which I promote my content needs to improve however, if you create some content, make sure you share it – not just once, 1,2,3,4,5… AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!



This weeks blog was meant to be a short but sweet, and I wanted to choose a topic that is relevant to my network. Hope that this has been useful and should anyone have any questions/feedback or event want some further insight into how I create my content, then please do message me.


Also, as ever (NOT SELLING) however, should you wish to learn more abut what Rencai are doing at the moment within the Employee Engagement, Culture Change and Digital Adoption space then please do reach out to learn more.


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