Recruiters get paid by clients to find them candidates, right? Why should they care about candidates who don’t quite fit the requirements? Candidates are often treated like pieces of meat to be flogged to whoever will have them. Greedy recruiters will do all they can to earn their commission and ride rough-shod over the hopes and dreams of their “commodity.” It’s just the way the industry works.

Not in my world. Not even close.

Yes, there are some horrific stories out there, but they abound in any service-based industry. There are recruiters with high levels of integrity and recruiters who would sell their Gran for some more commission…. We at Réncái are firmly in the former category, and I would like to share our mission. Candidates, we’re on your side!

We value your time. We won’t waste your time with wild goose chases and broken promises. We are efficient at what we do, and it is not in our interest. Conversely, we will spend time with candidates who genuinely engage us in their job search, and we have many long-term relationships as a result.

We know our stuff. We act as your advisors. Even if you are a “passive” candidate who is merely keeping one eye on the job market, we will always be happy to have a conversation and advise you on the options for your next move. We take a pride in our knowledge of the market and are very happy to share with anyone for whom it could be useful.

We’ll be honest. If you want someone to tell you how brilliant you are, look in the mirror every morning and go ahead. It won’t do you much good. Candidates need to have a realistic approach to their job search. Otherwise time and effort will be wasted. If you have “no chance” of working for a certain company in a certain role, we’ll tell you, but we’ll also tell you why.

We’ll be objective. Yes, obviously we have an interest in you being placed because we do indeed earn our commission, but we also have a client guarantee that we will find a replacement for free if you leave. We will try to assess any situation from your point of view, and our candidates value our advice because of this.

We see you as a person. To us you are not a number to be written on our placement board when we have earned some commission from you. We understand the responsibility that we have when you trust us with your hopes and dreams. We have those same hopes and dreams, and we treat candidates as we would like to be treated ourselves – with respect.

We won’t give up. I have probably left the most important one until last. A successful job search is about exploring all the avenues and looking under every stone. Recruiters always have a choice to move on to the next candidate because they might have better chances of being placed. If our candidates are as proactive as we are, then we will act as their partners until they sign that contract. Helping our contacts secure their aspirational career move is our consistent focus.

We have industry leading levels of former candidates becoming future clients. It is easy to write these words on a piece of paper, but hugely difficult to put them into practice. Come and talk to us. You might be pleasantly surprised!