FREE Coaching Support for ‘new’ remote managers.


FREE Coaching Support for ‘new’ remote managers.The last week has seen unprecedented change for us all.  I hope you are all doing ok?


Personally I am moving back and forward from deeply concerned: the media coverage is intense, to say the least; to be positive and pragmatic. Focusing on the things I can truly influence and supporting clients and others to navigate the path to our ‘new norm’ for now.


One of the things we’d like to help you with is to navigate to a ‘healthy’ remote working culture. 


One of the hardest roles in a new flexible working culture is that of a manager who has always managed a present team.  We’d really like to offer our support to those managers and leaders finding themselves in this position unexpectedly.

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We’d like to offer Complimentary remote sessions with anybody finding themselves in this position. We’ll share some practical easy to implement recommendations and methods we’ve learned from our own experience and that of our clients.


We can help you with:

  • FREE collaboration technology available to you
  • Creating remote support & management culture
  • Employee motivation
  • Pressure/Stress management
  • Objective/Goal setting
  • Effective team collaboration

Click Here To Register Your Interest In Our Free Coaching Session

As a team, we have a strong remote collaboration model and regularly deliver clients work 100% remotely.  The lessons we’ve learned over the last few years has really helped us to support a number of clients to create their optimum SMART (flexible), working models, over the last few years: which had both remote and flexible working cultures working in harmony.


At this challenging time for us all, we’d love to help so drop us a line to get something in the diary.


Best wishes



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