In our 6yrs in business, through periods of significant change and evolving service delivery focus, our purpose has ultimately remained consistent.


To help businesses improve performance by putting their people at the centre of positive change, supported by digital tools.


To offer the very best solutions to our clients, and importantly choice, our business model for optimal client delivery has always involved a strong collaboration between our internal team, our trusted associates and strategic partners.  This has not been a static model as its often evolved based upon the strength of working relationships formed or the changing needs of our clients based on our market focus or service offering.


With this in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to our updated client delivery team for 2019. You can get to know everybody better via their bio on Our Team page, and we’d be very happy to share further detail on their expertise and previous client delivery experience upon request.


Our company DNA originates from supporting clients to deliver Cloud HR Technology, HR Change and ‘People Strategy’ projects.  While this is not an area we’ve turned our back on (with developed support solutions and networks in this area), our core strategic decision at the start of 2018  – to work with more SME businesses – has led to us developing stronger working relationships, and partnerships, with both business owners and senior leadership teams.  This has led to increasing demand for support in areas of:

  • Leadership coaching and development
  •  Developing robust and progressive people strategies – supporting businesses and their people through times of ongoing change
  • Culture assessment, nurturing and development
  • Employee engagement and retention

The increased demand in these areas has led to new technology partnerships, new professional development, and qualifications for the Rencai team and the updated list of Rencai experts to assist your business.


I VERY much look forward to collaborating with our team, our partners and our existing and future clients moving forward.


Best wishes