While the picture above is a bit of fun, it really can be an accurate snap-shot of the mood of the employees working in a business at any one time.


With this to contend with it’s no surprise that many, many performance improvement initiatives, designed and rolled out by leadership, fail. Often costly, they waste time and money, because the people that need to support these plans, the employees, just don’t care enough.


Increased performance does not lead to increased engagement.

Increased engagement leads to 4 x increased performance (*) Marcus Buckingham.


This does not mean they are bad ideas. It’s more that the reality that asking somebody to change the way they work or do more (for no more pay), is very hard if they are not engaged with the long term goals and purpose of the business.


The pool of research from respected authorities such as Gallup (1) shows that companies that consistently deliver Employee Engagement programmes significantly outperform their competitors. Few of the business leaders we speak to have planned or completed projects of this nature.


Interestingly when we speak to business leaders about their People  ‘Pain Points’ then often state priorities as:

  • Internal communication & feedback – between leadership and employees
  • Customer engagement & satisfaction
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Performance Improvement and succession planning
  • Digital Adoption – both employee and manager self-service
  • Collaboration – effective working between diverse leadership and internal teams and  existing cultures (often due to M&A strategies)


Interestingly for me, these are exactly the areas that an effective Employee Engagement strategy can have a long term and continuous improvement impact.



From our ongoing research and customer success experience, this is a priority area to help our clients get even better results in 2017 and beyond.


Employee Engagement Project Support using Digital Solutions and Apps


Using Digital Enablers such as Engagement Multiplier,  companies make quick wins that are valued by both employees and senior leadership. Everyone wins. No one looses.


Réncái supports the delivery of Digitally Enabled Employee Engagement projects

1- Watch this 2 minute video that explains why a simple engagement programme in your company makes such a difference.’

2 – Watch this Getting to know Engagement Multiplier video


If an organisation adopts an ongoing open and transparent employee feedback process which puts less pressure on leaders and HR, where EMPLOYEES’ voices are heard and opinions valued. This build trust and engagement between colleagues and their employers. Measurement through quick pulse surveys and quarterly questions which take 9 minutes to complete is VERY powerful.


Business Improvement Impact


Companies that have successfully achieved this nimble environment of an ‘Engaged Workforce’, essentially changing their culture, have reported on improvements in key areas:

  1. Staff productivity – employees are clearer on their role, more focused to deliver
  2. Staff retention and recruitment – people feel more committed and loyal to their employer as they feel recognised and valued, happy to promote the company as employer of choice
  3. Performance – a culture of accountability drives personal and team performance and that of the wider company
  4. Drive – self managing and proactive employees require less investment from leadership to action new initiatives aligned to strategic goals
  5. Communication and collaboration – when they can trust that their opinions are valued, employees provide feedback on ways to innovate and work Smarter


Traditional approaches for leadership teams trying to achieve improvement in performance, and ultimately profitability are:

  • Time intensive for internal teams
  • Involve significant investment in needed support from external partners and experts
  • Invest heavily in Training and L&D plans
  • Redesign Resourcing and Talent Attraction strategies to become more efficient and cost effective
  • Embark on long and complex Culture Change and Operating Model redesign projects..


We want to help you take an alternative, accessible and nimble approach to impact these areas in 2017. 



Employee Engagement Project Support


Prioritising an Employee Engagement programme for your company in 2017 will make you, your colleagues and your customers happier and give you a huge competitive advantage. You will increase individual productivity and overall company performance.


We appreciate the ongoing challenge and scrutiny on budget spend.  Using digital enablers these projects can offer High Impact, Low-Risk options, with measurable ROI.


We’re excited to work with customers on these projects. Easy to implement methodologies with great analytical and reporting capability that will allow your team to deliver real value for the business by improving, team productivity, understanding of customer needs and drive greater innovation.  With added benefits of fewer sick days and lower employee churn.



If you’ve already had success in this area with your teams, or you’d like to explore further how this solution could further enhance your employee potential, we’d love to chat.  You can reach us in the office any time! +44 (0) 20 3051 9077


Réncái Group Support for Employee Engagement projects


(1) Corporate Leadership Council