Rencai – 2019 update

It has been a while since we last took the opportunity to reflect and update our wider network on what we’ve been up to since the start of 2018. Below you will find a summary from our Managing Director, Matt Wilden, information on our updated products and services and an overview of our team and clients.

An update from our Managing Director, Matt Wilden

“As we reach the end of another business year for Rencai its always a good time to reflect before we go into planning and goal setting for the next 12 months.

At the start of this year we were excited to move into the second year of supporting clients engagement programmes. This second year of support, which for most clients meant they were now an ‘Engaged Business’ meant the focus moved to impacting some of the longer term projects that always seemed to get knocked down the list. Things like a complete overhaul of how ‘Performance Management’ is approached in businesses, how to improve the capability of current and future leaders, and how to embed positive coaching led approaches to nurturing and developing employees. At this level every project and client development journey is different and proved to be a strong learning opportunity for us.

Personally my biggest personal development journey over the last 12 months has been to formalise by leadership and business coaching experience with an Executive Coaching Qualification from the CMI. Leadership Coaching & Leadership Development, has been the biggest ‘new solution’ area for Rencai in the last 12 months. Along with myself working with many new clients in this area we’ve now got a brilliant team of experienced leadership coaches in place so look forward to offering this highly-transformative solution to more SMB business leaders as we progress rapidly towards 2020!” Matt Wilden, Managing Director & Founder, Rencai Group LTD

Product and service update

As highlighted by Matt, our core offering over the last 18 months has been focused on helping clients to better engage employees. This has proven to reduce costs through improved retention, reduced absence and better ability to attract. On average our clients sized between 20-50 employees have “people costs” of around £145,000 when we first begin working with them. If we’re able to retain one person over the 12 month period, this typically leads to a return on investment for the client. Our approach to engagement varies on every single project however, a fundamental part of our offering includes the use of our employee insight tool, Engagement Multiplier (EM). We typically use EM every quarter to get feedback on how our clients businesses can improve over the next 90 days – we also have a series of solutions around communication, performance, wellbeing, employer branding, employer value proposition (EVP), onboarding, purpose, values & behaviours.

When trying to understand our clients people issues, there is one common problem at the core of each business – people management capability at a line manager level. This has led to us developing our leadership development offering over the last 18 months. Whether this is due to “accidental managers” or managers who are using outdated methods, we’re spending a lot of time building bespoke solutions for our clients. In the first instance we typically focus on: how to provide feedback effectively, managing performance, setting goals and communication. Other clients have chosen to utilise our new coaching offering which typically suits senior leadership teams better.

Our strategic partnerships are constantly developing. Business such as Flock (culture change platform), UHY, Engagement Multiplier (employee insight tool), ThereBeGiants and Verosa (leadership development consultancy) have had a real impact on our project work over the last 12 months so a big thank you to Michal, Rodger, Adnan, Beth, Angela & the EM team.

Team update

We’re now a team of 13 based across the UK including Manchester (HQ), London and Scotland. Our expertise range from engaging employees, culture change, developing leaders, wellbeing and people strategy development.
A special thank you to Eleanor Nickerson, Beth Hood, Claire Bentley and Fran Costello for their support on projects so far this year.

New & existing clients

At the start of 2018 Matt made the biggest decision since forming Rencai, this was to focus purely on the SMB (small-medium business) market, as appose to the corporate clients that we had supported historically. As with any rebrand, it has not been an easy process. However, 18 months into our new journey, I’m delighted to say that we’ve onboarded a series of new clients and have a 100% retention rate of clients that have been working with us for 12 months+.
Our new clients include the likes of: InsightIT and Uniting Ambition. We’ve also partnered with SourceBreaker, Nowell Meller and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Invosys Group.

Each client is going on a unique journey, supported by our team. We’ve loved the diversity of supporting different clients, with different challenges and different resources available. Our current client portfolio ranges from 6 employees, through to 600+.
We’re also in advanced stages of conversations with businesses across the following sectors: Sport, IT and Internet.


In summary, our journey over the last 18 months has not been an easy one however, we’re delighted to now be seeing a return for our efforts.

We’re always open to building new connections so should you wish to get in touch then please feel free to do so either via email [email protected].