Rencai 2019 Update

Happy New Year  from everyone at the Rencai Group!

I’d like to begin by taking the opportunity to thank all of the internal team, consultants, partners and clients for their hard work throughout 2018. This blog aims to provide a quick round up of our work over the last twelve months, along with communicating out our plans for 2019!

2018 Overview:

Last year began with our Managing Director, Matt Wilden, releasing our brand new business strategy, which was to support SMB’s to improve employee retention, performance and leadership capability. Entering a new market was never going to be easy however, we were able to build a close network of clients in sectors such as: Recruitment, Telecommunications, Outsourcing, Technology and Professional Services.

The development of our Employee Engagement Programme underpinned by our tool Engagement Multiplier has provided our clients with the opportunity to further understand their workforce. The tool also gives each employee the chance to give feedback on their business every ninety days. As part of the programme clients are provided with people metrics, tracking attrition and absence rates, along with associated financial costs.


*InsightIT – congratulations to our client InsightIT for achieving an Engaged Business status on their final engagement programme report in 2018*


We have also delivered projects in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Flexible Working
  • Benefits
  • People Strategy Design
  • Communications


*A big thank you to our consultant Eleanor Nickerson, who has stood out for delivering some fantastic client work over the last 12 months*


 So, what does 2019 look like?

Our focus and priorities over the next twelve months will be to continue developing our Employee Engagement Programme, along with our Leadership Development Support for SMB clients. We’re also keen to grow our network of strategic partners and associates, particularly those providing digital insight tools that could lead to a return on investment for our clients.

2018 saw us work with organisations sized between 20-100 employees, which was quite a shift from previous years ,where our clients ranged between 3,000-10,000. In 2019 our focus will be to continue working with businesses sized between 20-100 however, also target the 100-500 bracket- I am very happy to say that we’re launching a brand new 400+ employee client onto our employee engagement programme tomorrow. Not a bad start to the year, ey?


Today we have launched our new company purpose which I feel resonates really well with the work that we deliver

“Help business leaders and teams to better understand and connect with their employees”


In short I am very excited for the next twelve months and hope to continue my own personal development along with moving Rencai forward – if we have not connected historically then please do feel free to get in touch.

New Customer Offer – FREE, NO OBLIGATION company Employee Engagement Health Check. We’re offering SMB’s (20-500 employees) across the UK the opportunity to get a free employee engagement health check via our tool engagement multiplier. It will take less than 10 minutes of your employees time to complete and a member of the Rencai team will support you to review results and set actions. Should you be interested or know someone who may be, then please get in touch by dropping me a direct message or emailing [email protected]


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