Rencai Behind The Scenes – Harry Wright


The world of business can often be a cold place, where it is hard to show your true colours. However, here at Rencai we’re encouraging the team to come forward and let the outside world see who we are, what we are interested in and much more. There’s just one rule… it can’t be related to work!

Every #RencaiWeek we will go behind the scenes and learn more about each of the team. Seen as though it was my idea, it’s my turn this week…!

Who is Harry?

Most people would describe me as a “typical 21 year old lad” from Manchester. I went to Crompton House C of E School and Sixth Form, as well as spending one year at Hopwood Hall College studying business, before joining Rencai.

I have been with my girlfriend Brittany for over two years, she lives in Sheffield and specialises in marketing – It’s a good job that she is a creative thinker, as she always needs new, innovative ways to put up with me!

On a weekend you will usually find me either in a bar in Manchester, watching Manchester City or sometimes over in Sheffield… probably in a bar!

I grew up with my Mum (Pain Specialist Nurse) and my Dad (Business Advisor for International Trade).


Hobbies and Interests?

  • 1 – Football
    • Season ticket holder at Manchester City and go to a couple of away games per season – including around Europe
    • Played football from the age of 7 until I was 20 and now sometimes play five a side
    • I am also a level 7 qualified referee
  • 2 – Travelling
    • I’ve found a love for travelling around Europe, making the most of city breaks
    • Over the last few years I have visited: Milan, Madrid, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Naples, Brussels, Munich and more
    • I have plans to travel Croatia in the summer and long term aspirations to travel South America
  • 3 – Socialising with friends and family
    • On weekend’s I spend time with Friends and Family
    • Activities vary from going to restaurants, bars, walks and going to different cities around the UK
    • Family is very important to me and my friend’s ensure that I maintain my energy levels


Top Advice?

“Your biggest mistake, may become your biggest opportunity”

I learnt this lesson following on from “failing” my AS levels. This led to me going down the apprenticeship route, whilst all of my friend’s went to university. Funnily enough I am now in fact at University myself, whilst also working full time. To learn more about my story view my “Apprenticeships Work Blog”.



Our business model at Rencai is constantly changing and as we sit here today, we’re focused to support organisations to retain, develop and attract talent – focusing on employee engagement, culture change, employer branding and designing a fit for purpose modern people strategy. We’re currently targeting the SME (small medium enterprise) market and have been able to engage with Directors and HR professionals all over the UK, helping them to improve performance and reduce costs.

To learn more about our work, get in touch with me or another member of the team on [email protected] or [email protected]


Rencai Team                                                                                                   Harry Wright

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  • Chaitali says:

    Good to hear more the behind the scenes stuff about the always chatty and chirpy Harry. Well done Harry, you still have to come to London for those cupcakes.