Our Employee Engagement commitment for 2017…


Our passion is to help our customers deliver lasting Performance Improvement through effective delivery of modernised ‘People Strategies’.


This has lead to many interesting project journeys, each one unique. Target Operating Model Redesign..Global Process Model Redesign..and Shared Service Centre optimisation are common examples all supported by the investment and successful implementation of class leading Cloud HR Technology.


On review a large number of these projects measured ‘Project Success’ or the ‘Business Improvement’ by the efficiency improvement made from streamlined and automated business processes. Which allowed HR teams to be more productive or have a ‘leaner’ structure, saving money.


Over the last year we’ve noticed a shift in the priority agenda points for HR Change.  And we’re now pleased to be supporting customers to deliver their initiatives to address Diversity and Inclusion and roll our ‘flexible’ Smart or Agile working models. 

‘Engagement is the ability to be present focused and energised.’


I find these projects really interesting as its appropriate to consider the improved happiness and well-being of employees as a key measure for ‘Project Success’.  This is shifting the focus to perceived value for employees in working for their chosen employer.  And how companies who invest in improving Employee Engagement can positively impact business performance in levels much greater than previously anticipated.


Gallup, who has conducted an employee engagement survey every four years since the 90’s states:


‘An Engaged Organisation enjoys an overwhelming host of benefits, including fewer sick days, higher employee retention, higher profits, higher productivity and higher customer loyalty’


Gallup report – State of Global Workplace


‘Engaged Organisations grow profits up to three times faster than their competitors. They also report that highly engaged companies are able to reduce staff turnover by 87%.’


Corporate Leadership Council Executive Summary
(The Engaged Organisation – Stefan Wissenbach)


From our research, many companies have approached this from the top down with Organisation Redesign to improve Operating Models and the roles defined within. Or focused on increased spending on Learning & Development or Training functions to focus on Personalise Professional Development.


While all valid we feel there is an alternative, approach that focused on improving the continuous communication between all levels of a company org structure.  It’s key this is achieved in an efficient and productive way.


“Helping leadership teams deliver simple but effective Employee Engagement programmes will be a high priority for the Réncái team moving forward.”


“As your teams become happier while ‘at work’ their increased productivity will benefit the performance of the business and your customer experience.  We are excited to start this journey with you.”


As with all our projects we feel that ‘Digital Technology’ is a key enabler to support change initiatives, which has lead to us developing a number of strategic partnerships to add value for our clients.


Following our research we are very pleased to become an authorised partner for Engagement Multiplier. This is really exciting news for us and our customers.


Engagement Multiplier Dashboard

Getting to know Engagement Multiplier video.

I’d be VERY interested to get your feedback projects you’ve been involved in where improved Employee and Customer Engagement were key considerations in project scope and how the business measured success and ROI in this area?


It’s great to talk so please reach me on +44 (02) 20 3051 9077 any time.


Thanks for reading.