Rencai – Our 2018 Update



Back in January I wrote a blog “What does 2018 look like for Rencai”, which discussed: some reflections on our work from the previous year, our new website, our new office and our new target customer/offering. We’re now more than half way through 2018 and therefore, the purpose of this blog is to reflect on how things have gone, what has changed and our focus over the next couple of months.

Firstly, August has been a landmark month for Rencai, as it is our fifth birthday! If you consider that more than 50% of businesses fail in their first five years, then this is a significant achievement and huge credit to our Managing Director/Founder Matt Wilden who has driven the business and continues to do so.


Our focus so far in 2018?

At the start of 2018 we took the decision to focus our attention on local organisations, typically those of a smaller size, 20 – 500 employees. This has enabled us to work closer with business owners and see how organisations view their people/HR function in a completely different way. We’ve found that this type of stakeholder does understand the importance of a people strategy however, their needs to be a tangible return on investment and visible improved business performance.

So far we have built some good relationships and worked with organisations in the manufacturing, telecommunications, outsourcing and recruitment industries. That said we are very much agnostic in relation to industries also holding proven experience across: technology, not for profit/charity, production, higher education.


Rencai’s Updated Offering?

Employee Engagement Programme’s:

Using our digital cloud tool, Engagement Multiplier, we are able to gather macro levels of data and feedback from employees across an organisation. Our tools asks for feedback every 90 days and is open for 2 weeks, although functionality within the tool (suggestion box) allows employees and the product owners to communicate 24/7. The tool is completely anonymous and Rencai’s internal team support with feedback sessions, goal setting and ongoing maintenance. This is a fixed price solution.


People Strategy SME:

Typically following on from our employee engagement programme’s we are able to find opportunities for improvement within an organisations people strategy. This typically leads to short term pieces of work (e.g. half/day workshops) where the Rencai team will support with strategies around: leadership development, onboarding, organisational design, succession planning, resourcing strategy and others.


Digital adoption:

(This service is only available to clients 1,500>). However, in short our partner AppLearn provide an on demand support tool for organisations who are looking to improve the adoption of their internal systems. Our support in this area begins with gaining insight from ADOPT platform, before then a number of wrap around consulting services, that aim to improve the user experience, get to value quicker and drive manager/employee self-service.


We now have a number of fixed price solutions available, whether that be for our tools or short term consulting services. Historically, we have supported many clients with resourcing for HR and Change programmes which is a service that we are still happy to offer upon request.


Core Partners?

Our Managing Director Matt has done some fantastic work developing relationships with a broad range of strategic partners. For us we want to become a trusted partner  to clients therefore, being able to refer our partners in is just as important to our offering as our own services. Please see below for a quick update on some of our core partners…


Engagement Multiplier:

As discussed above, Engagement Multiplier is a core tool that we use to gain feedback and insight from organisations. It is completely anonymous, brings back quantitative and qualitative feedback and is seen as continuous improvement tool for a number of our clients.



Again, as part of our digital adoption offering AppLearn is able to provide on demand support to users as they travel through internal systems. As well as supporting the user, ADOPT brings back useful analytics for clients on where users are spending their time, how long they are watching content, how many people are logging in etc. This is typically targeted at pre go live organisations or post go live where driving adoption is a priority.


Culture change is high on many organisations agenda however, very few have a formal tool such as our partner, Macawly. Macawly is designed to give each department a score based on a number of values and motivations. From there an organisation is able to recruit based on those values and distribute employees where they feel best, based on the insight.



To briefly conclude we will continue to develop our network of close associates, notably Ian Nicklin, Mark Woodward, Michael Chivers and Martin Colyer have been great so far this year. Alongside this we will ensure to develop our strategic partnerships with the likes of: Huddled Media and One Source Virtual.

A big thank you to Mike Searle for building our new website which we are very happy with and we are continuing to develop.

As always keen to get people’s thoughts and feedback, so please like/comment below or reach out via [email protected] .


Harry Wright

Client Relationship and Delivery Consultant

[email protected]